YATOFU is a multidisciplinary design studio with a unique creative mind, we offer comprehensive design services, which can be tailored to many types of projects and budgets, from concept design to execution, including the fields of:

Spatial Design  |  Product Design  |  Custom Furnishings

Creative Direction  |  Visual Communication Design  |  Strategic Design



Below is a general framework of what we offer and how we work with our clients.  Actual prices are agreed upon depending on the scope and requirements of each project.

01. Contact

Yatofu Creatives can be reached in a number of ways.  Contact us through our Website form, e-mail, Facebook, or even just give us a call.  Please feel free to enquire with any questions you may have.

02. Client Consultation (Free of charge)

The initial client briefing and consultation is free of charge.  This is when we really get to know you and what your needs are.  Here at Yatofu, we have our own list of questions that we would like to ask you including practical things like budget and timeline, but also more abstract things like your vision or likes and dislikes.  Let us help you find the best solution to your needs.

03. Initial Proposal (Determining the Direction)

Based on the consultation, we will present you with an initial proposal regarding the design direction.  This phase will establish a trajectory for the project development.  We want to know that we have correctly understood your needs, and will convey our vision through various tools such as mood boards, diagrams, and simple visualisations.

04. Project Contract and Initial Fee

When the initial proposal has been accepted, we will sign the project contract and collect an initial fee (20%)

05. Concept Development

This phase will involve a deeper analysis of the project context and the development of the final concept.  Depending on the type of project, this will include materials such as visualisations (3D render or sketches), models, and solution diagrams.  This phase may involve intermittent meetings for discussions and to involve your input.

06. Presentation and Checkpoint Fee

When the concept has been fully developed, Yatofu Creatives will present the final concept for approval. When the final proposal has been accepted, a checkpoint fee of 50% (or according to the Project Contract) will be collected before entering the next phase.

07. Realisation Plan and other Materials

The concrete requirements of this phase depend on the nature of the project.  We will formulate an execution plan and produce all necessary drawings, construction documents, and confirm the technical details before entering the production phase.

08. Execution and Supervision

In this phase, we offer contracting capabilities, material and production sourcing, production management and supervision of the work.  The actual requirements for contracting and sourcing will be agreed upon the Project Contract.

09. Inspection and Delivery (Final Fee)

The final delivery will be inspected and followed through until the end.  We want to make sure that the final product meets your expectations as well as our own.  At this point we will also collect the final feel of 30% (or according to the Project Contract).

10. Follow Up

Please feel free to follow up with maintenance questions or any requests beyond the scope of our contract.  For Spatial and Event works, we would also love to arrange for a photographer to document the final outcome.