What is YATOFU

Is it a food trend?  A new form of Yoga?  Some kind of animal? Well, not quite. Yatofu Creatives is a Helsinki based design studio, formed on the belief that great design needs to exceed visual and functional requirements, by creating meaningful experiences and a lasting resonance.


Design for the unexpected

From poetic spaces to meaningful branding, we are constantly considering our design and approach from alternative angles.  Childhood memories of drawing on the wall with our Mother’s lipstick, and building forts with our pillows are still relevant here at YATOFU.  To us, design is a playful act; an act that inspires the most fun and intriguing solutions to even the most mundane of problems. 


Design to be encountered

We view design as a production of experience. It involves telling the right story, in the right way, to an intended group of audience.  To achieve this, we like to take both a strategic and scenography approach in much of our work.  We seek to project the personality and unique character of each project and the voices they represent; to truly create something unexpected that will trigger emotional reverberations and visual wonder.